Traditionally at this time of year we expect a slight increase in the numbers of distraction burglaries in the area. Distraction burglaries are crimes where a bogus caller cons their way into the home of someone elderly or vulnerable in order to steal cash and valuables.


• Always be suspicious of any unexpected callers and remember, no matter how urgent they make it sound – you don’t have to let anyone in that you don’t want to.
• Always remember:- There is no such thing as the “WATERBOARD”. If anyone says they are from the “waterboard”, they are lying – so call the police immediately on 999 and tell us as much detail as you can. Give us the chance to catch them.
• If anyone arrives on your doorstep who you are suspicious about, close the door and call the police immediately on 999. We need your calls to help us to stop these criminals before they get lucky somewhere else. Trust your gut feelings!

Officers and staff from Local Policing Units are available to offer crime prevention advice and to give presentations on distraction burglaries to community groups in your area.

Please pass this message on to as many elderly and vulnerable people as you can. By spreading the word you can help to prevent them becoming victims of this particularly unpleasant crime.

Your help is really appreciated.


Editorial courtsey of Neighbour Hood Watch

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